Best Budget BLDC Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans in India 2021

Isn't it so boring to get out of the bed for changing fan speeds? Well, there are plenty of energy-efficient fans with a remote control who do all the necessary plans. 

Right from saving on your bills to enhance your daily productivity, these latest fans will be a lot of fun cooling. If you just see the following energy consumption meter, you will be surprised to see the yearly savings.

For years, ceiling fans typically consume 70-80 watts of power but with the latest BLDC fans it's almost half at around 35-40 watts. BLDC stands for brush-less direct-current motor, a special type of motor which has a permanent magnet instead of electromagnets found in a conventional induction motor. 

BLDC Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Super-Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP) and BLDC Motors

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is a government agency that develops and monitors consumer electronics energy efficiency. BEE gives energy star ratings which we see on all those products such as ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, and so on. 

BEE has started a program called Super-Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP) in February 2012 to monitor the energy efficiency of appliances. Ceiling fans were among them, which gain much attention due to newer BLDC technology. 

BLDC motors are brushless dc motors and are highly efficient due to their copper winding and minimal friction. And so the BEE 5 star rated fans that would consume about 25-40 watts of electricity which were also called super-efficient fans.

Now let us see some easy calculation to see how much you can save using these innovative fans. 

Energy Consumption: Ordinary Fans Vs BLDC Fans

The typical induction-based fan would consume around 75 watts whereas a BLDC fan would consume about 30 watts. Unlike lights that are only used during nights, a fan is an appliance that runs most of the time if the ambient temperature is high with no regular airflow of cool air. So, assuming they run regularly for 15 hours for 365 days calculation would be:

Advantages of BLDC Motor Used in BLDC Fan

Lower Electricity Consumption (up to 50% savings)
Longer backup on Solar and Inverters
Improved reliability
Less Noise
Longer fans life

A well-designed ceiling fan will not only enhance your entire decor but also improve your living style with cool breeze air. As it's a must-have instrument in every household, why not to choose from the best available resources? 

1. Orient Ecotech Plus (Best Popular Brand BLDC Ceiling Fan)

Orient Electric being a prominant brand in India over decades, you can rest stay assured for its longer life. Not only it has BLDC motor to save energy upto half than traditional fans, you also have an ease of operation with remote provided. 

Orient is surely a best brand for fans in India. Although their quality are very promissing, you won't expect cool designs in this budget for this mdoel. 

It consumes only 32 Watt and saves more than 50 percent energy. 

Its is super efficient brushless direct current motor with latest design standards. 

It works more than double hours on inverter due to latest motor. 

It has double ball bearing for silent operation and comany also provide 2 years warranty on product. 

Looking at specs its suprerb with BLDC motor and long lasting superior build. It also come with remote control so that you don't need to come out of bed for its on/off and speed settings.

2. Atomberg Efficio Fan (Best Ceiling and Pedestal Fan Overall) - Previously known Gorilla

With years of experience and with newly emergeing technologies, Atomberg have quickly gained popularity among customers and have become one of the best choice for BLDC fans.

Their fans quality are equally appreciated from long years reputed brands such as Bajaj and Crompton.

You will get best designed models with all equipped latest features and in budget price range. Efficio fans uses as low as 32 Watts and so highly energy saving for long hour users.

3. Atomberg Renesa+ (Best BLDC Fan) - Previously known Gorilla

If design is your major concern along with BLDC energy saving motors and budget, Renesa+ is the best choice to get within the range. 

Made specially to suit hi-rise interior and still in the best budget range, this is very energy efficient model you can get easily.

Best thing about it is its power usage which is just 28 watt which will almost save half of your light bill on Fan.

4. Superfan by Versa Drives

Superfan again a popular BLDC ceiling fan choice due to its efficent 35 watt power usage and decent design. 

They claim its remote is drop safe and has special features such as sleep mode, breeze mode, breeze function and timer control. 

Although you won't expect a cool interior design fro these models but for a regular Indian consuemr its the most suitable BLDC model considering its price and the energy savings it offers. 

Comes with great industry-frist 5 years of warranty and has 5 star rating.

5. Jupiter Tricopter and Quadcopter BLDC Fans

Jupiter has gained popularity due to well-designed remote-operated stylish BLDC motor fans for a long time. 

YOu get a well-designed fan with a powerful motor and Dynamically balanced blades. It has low noise levels and doesn't overheat the motor.

Jupiter Quadcopter runs on as low as 30 watts and there is also a 3-year warranty from the company. 

It is one of the well designed and highly energy-efficient fan BLDC fan in India. 

You notice it has 4 blades for best air results.

6. Crompton Energion BLDC fans

Crompton is a well praised brand in India and their products are truly the best in class for their performance. 

With latest BLDC technology this fan is one of the best energy efficient fan out there. Its Energy Efficien 5 star rated BLDC fan with ActivBLDC technology which can save almost upto 50% on you bills. 

It has just 35 Watts power consumption and has enough 370 rpm to cool down your area. More intrestengly you can point its remote anywhere to control its function and has easy operation. 

Crompton Energion HS is one of the best energy efficient BLDC motor ceiling fan.

7. Havells Efficiencia BLDC Fans

Havells Efficiencia Neo is truly the most power efficient BLDC motor fan which 

consumes just 26 watts of power. 

Being a product of such as prestigues brand, its not even costly and suite an Indian budget perfectly. 

It is available with remote control and has easy operation.

A silver ring on its base gives it a cool decor and has stylish look compared to other BLDC base models. 

Havells Efficiencia neo is certainly stand high in the BLDC ceiling fan choice.

8. Panasonic Anchor BLDC Fans

Panasonic Anchor is again a great competitior recently emerged into consumer electronics and appliances. 

Their BLDC Fan with remote control really looks promissing and has some great fatures which includes its superb design which suites you interior perfectly. 

Runs with just 30 watts power which will surely save a lot on your bills. 

It has super efficient Brushless DC motor BLDC with 5 speed control remote control and 2-4-8 hours auto-off function. company also provide 1 year warranty on product which is really great. 

With all sufficient features it comes with BEE-5 Star Rating and one of the great BLDC energy efficient fan option in Inaidn market.

Hope you like our product selection and if you any questions do let us know in the comments.

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