15 Innovative Food and Beverage Warmers for Office
Food warmers are a good utilities specially for those who are often on travel or at office. Even a good quality food may lack taste due to its cold and feel boaring. With these food warmers you can enjoy your food anytime as its instantly made fresh. 

Here we have sum up some of the best food warmers available in India. 

Nexx Stainless Steel Hott-2 Electrical Lunch Box Food Warmer
Nexx Stainless Steel Hott-2
If you enjoy warm or hot fresh food then Nexx is a great option. It comes with set of 2 pcs (750mm) containers and uses power cord to heat up the food. Its instant and easy to operate. 

It is a Make in India product and you will really proud of its quality. It uses food grade pp plastic and 304 stainless steel for your safe health. 

It has 3 red indicators which gives you an idea of heating levels. It has world class protection for over heating and short circuits. 

Jaypee Plus E Warmer Electrical Chafing Dish 1150 + 1150ml

Jaypee Plus E Warmer Electric Chafing Dish
Jaypee Plus E Warmer is a premium food heater and made up of food safe materials. It has deteachable cord which makes it easy for carrying unit anywhere.

It has cool aesthetics which will suite your dining table and a easy exciting fun doing food preparation.

Clearline Food Grade Ss Pan Food Warmer Cum Buffet Server

Clearline Food Grade Ss Pan Food Warmer

If you want a food heater for bigger family you can look for this option which comes with 1x2.5 liters and 2x1.25 liters containers which holds more food at once. 

The whole unit has a professional look and comes with a food safe pure stainless steel grade material. 

The whole stylish food heater will give you an look of a instant buffet.

Pringle FW1803 4.5 litre Electric food Warmer

Pringle FW1803 4.5 litre Electric food Warmer
With a capacity of large 4.5 litres this food warmer is a great option for your whole family. 

Not only it has trays but also has a food safe warming tray for other food items. It has adjustable temperature sensors and you can control it with a knob. It is easy to clean and maintain. 

Its Stainless steel Buffet tray are really good for regular cleaning and long life operation. 

Nutrichef Food Warmer Buffet Server

Nutrichef Food Warmer Buffet Server
Again similar to Pringle it also has 3 containers and a base food safe hot plate for instant warming and heating of your food. With maximum 175 degree setting its super easy to maintin your food preparations. 

Its tabletop design resembles a buffet look and really easy to operate and maintain.

It is safe and easy to use anywhere for small parties, home dinner and other casual purposes. 

SKY LINE Silver Stainless Steel Buffet Server
SKY LINE Silver Stainless Steel Buffet
Its a professional buffet looking food warming unit with easy to disassemble and cleaning parts. It comes with 3 separate cooking pans and lids and also has easy temperature control knob. 

It is entirely made up of stainless steel and has an adjustable thermostat.

It has 3 1.5 liters containers which serves most of the basic home needs for dinner and lunch food warming. It is again much suitable for personal and small families as its total capacity of 4.5 litres only.

Let us know which one you liked and if you have any suggestions do let us know in comments.
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